Red Earth

2012, 18 minutes

A winemakers struggles against globalisation

Red Earth essentially revolves around themes based upon globalism, materialism, pride and wisdom. These themes are introduced through a collection of characters within the Portuguese landscape. Oscar, an old wine maker, a traditionalist with principles has worked on the winery his whole life and now not being able to pay for the up keep we are thrown into his emotional views on life and we learn his passions. This is counteracted by the businessman, their confrontations make up the films base drama and as viewers we are led to sympathise with Oscar. The businessman comes in the form of Mr Steven's whom we only know because of his business card. The film displays him out of place in the Portuguese landscape, through his intimidating figure we find a man under stress and nervous. We then have the backpackers who represent the old mans youth and the decisions in life you may take to become either someone like the businessman or someone like the old man.

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