Stina & the Wolf

2013, 2 minutes

Motion Capture Film being made by Paul Charisse and Alex Counsell

In a world of impossibly high mountains that tower above a sea of cloud covered forests, a young girl tries to balance her life as an aspiring artist with the reality of a living in brutal army town. With her surreally disabled uncle and unforgiving aunt making her life increasingly difficult, she seeks distraction with an aspiring soldier who may or may not be just what she wants. As she starts to get comfortable, a troupe of feral gypsies come to the town, led by a mysterious pipe smoking war veteran who offers glimpses of an exotic world beyond her understanding. The ensuing festivities bring a contest that brings the threat of death to the boy she loves. As the night falls, and the moon rises, her world unravels and she is drawn into a story she cannot resist.

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