Flicks 2

2013, 10 minutes

Flicks 2 is a comedy about a group of people getting ready for the Mostly Independent Love Films festival (M.I.L.F).

Roberto, Kiko and Joel are back for a second installment and this time they have made a romantic film. Is it better than Roberto’s previous ‘Captain Space’ film? You’ll have to judge for yourself but Roberto certainly feels like he has made another masterpiece. He has put this film into the Mostly Independent Love Films festival (M.I.L.F) and this short film follows the group as they get ready for Roberto’s next breakthrough. Follow the rollercoaster ride that seems to follow Roberto wherever he goes and try and keep up with the many happenings of the night. This film sees the introduction to new characters, new costumes and most of all, new laughs.

Members of mandy who have been involved in Flicks 2