2013, 30 minutes

Sci fi Cyber Action film

The film is a cyberpunk adventure called T.L.E. It is set in the year 2123 where the world has all but died and most of the human race, those augmented with a Nadir Port, reside in a virtual world called Zenace to ignore the decaying world around them. There are those however that do not accept this virtual world and do not have Nadir Ports and are persecuted and digitally locked out, out of sight out of mind. The film follows a girl called Tle that has been employed by a mysterious woman called G to take out key people involved in this virtual world for reasons unexplained. The reasons are explained as the film goes on and the underlying story line is that when Zenace was created a crack or babel was created in Heaven allowing the Angels to flee Heaven and take over Earth. Tle is the reincarnation of Eve and G is Gabriel.

Members of mandy who have been involved in T.l.e