The Man Who Tried To Steal An Island

2013, 20 minutes

In 1990 a French Physisist armed with a shotgun tried to singlehandedly invade Sark.

The Man Who Tried To Steal An Island is a dark comedic interpretation of the events leading up to the one manned invasion attempt, looking at the character of Gardes and asking what made such a smart man attempt such a stupid thing. In August 1990, Andre Gardes, a French physicist attempted a bold one-man invasion attempt on the tiny, photogenic island of Sark. What followed was, by far, the most ridiculous and short lived occupations in history. But who was Gardes? What lead him to attempt such a bizarre invasion. The Man Who Tried To Steal An Island, is a fictionalized account of the tragi-comic life of Andre Gardes Shot on location in Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire and The Channel Islands. Produced by Southampton-based Orangutan Productions, headed up by Caragh Davison and Sophie Blackburn Written and Directed by international award-winning Director, Benjamin Sutton Cinematography by Chezny Benton

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Sarah Whitehouse
Joshua Crisp
Joshua Crisp
Andre Gardes

Alternative Names

Man Who Tried To Steal An Island, the