2013, 30 minutes

Short satirical comedy drama that pokes fun at British sensibilities towards work and employment in the modern social climate.

Maisie quits her job because it bores her. Her straight-laced ultra conservative boyfriend, Kurtis, is annoyed by this as they have bills to pay. Maisie's friend, Charlynne, who works at a lap-dancing bar, suggests Maisie would have more fun and earn more money working as a stripper and, with the help of her thuggish boyfriend, Hudor, gets her to sign a contract. Maisie expects Kurtis to be happy that she's found a job but the reaction she gets is the exact opposite. Things then take a turn for the worse when Kurtis locks Maisie in the bathroom and forces her to choose between him and the club. What will she decide?

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