Do You Know This Girl?

2013, 20 minutes

A keen young man employs every resource in his power to find the second love of his life. A satirical tragedy about a generation surrounded by digital stimulants yet forever alone.

We all have a mate like Kevin. Heart of gold, yet as vain as Narcissus and as self-aware as David Brent. When at last his girlfriend leaves him, he is forced to refocus his energy on mending his love life for fear of being alone forever – the ultimate doom. With the help of his unhelpful best friend, Tim, he embarks on a mission to win Liz back and in doing so, meets Hanna. That day, Hanna opens his mind and touches his heart. But through utter uselessness, he manages to lose her number and does everything he can to find her again. He sets up a website and enlists the help of the general public. Posters are put up around the area, the site is a viral hit and Kevin is a local hero. But will all his efforts help him get the girl?

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