The Veteran

2011, 98 minutes

British Action Film

Robert Miller (Toby Kebbell), a veteran paratrooper, is returning from the war in Afghanistan to his home in a violent decaying South London council housing estate, overrun by gun-toting youth gangs. The gangs are led by a drug lord gangster, Jones, (Ashley Thomas), who is interested in Miller working for him. His job offer is rejected. Through an ex-army mate (Tom Brooke), Miller finds work in undercover surveillance. He is soon recruited by a couple of shady government operatives (Tony Curran and Brian Cox) for an undercover operation to keep tabs on a network of suspected terrorist cells. Embedded in the terrorist group is a Lebanese-born British citizen informant (Adi Bielski). Miller soon discovers that the security forces and the intelligence services are not quite what they seem. He uncovers a conspiracy the government is planning to set off a series of coordinated attacks to renew fear of terrorism to help them benefit from the GOD policy - Guns, Oil, and Drugs. Miller finds out that all his surveillance was simply to confirm the go ahead for the attacks. The government needs funding and the GOD policy had been instated for years, including the 9/11 attacks. Miller finds out that this links with the local gang terrorising his neighbourhood being linked with the terrorist cells. During the ensuing firefight Miller kills all of Jones' men, however a woman is accidentally killed by Miller. Miller proceeds to kill the last of the henchmen. However when a door is opened, Miller does not pay attention for fear of killing another civilian and ends up being shot in the neck. He stumbles into a room, sitting down on a sofa. He is then shot in the head by a young kid that Miller had previously been trying to get out of Jones' gang

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