Imagining Love

2009, 20 minutes

Imagination... Friendship... Madness... And a goldfish called Ian...

Imagining Love is an ambient short story which works as a puzzle by offering up themes of false reality, escape from modern day pressures, and love... Working harder and harder to meet the deadline set out by a mysterious suited superior, Johnny is an ambitious young office worker who does things by the book. The stress levels only grow as caring Johnny's efforts are hindered throughout the working day by his strange and colourful companion Mary, who appears to have her playful young mind set on ruining him. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination in a boring world of facts, figures, credit crunch escape, lost love, and seesaws, as we watch the 'ups and downs' of Johnny and Mary's rocky relationship during the emotional un-doing of a hard working inner city 'high flyer'.

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