Waiting for Newman (Part 2)

2013, 25 minutes

Agent travels back to 2007 from 2231 to stop a rogue agent altering the future

Ericson is a time agent working for a department of the secret service called the Ministry of temporal preservation in the year 2231. The department uses time travel technology to go back and undo disasters and acts of terrorism before they happen. One night Ericson encounters a rouge agent using a time machine to go back to the early twenty first century, a one way trip. Immediately after, the universe Ericson lives in begins to fall apart, in order to save it he must follow the rouge agent back to the past but arrive earlier to catch him off guard and kill him. Ericson arrives in 2007, he knows where his target will arrive, what time of day but not the date, month or even year. Ericson knows the rogue agent could arrive any day within the next five years, all he can do is wait.

Connected mandy members:

Paul Connolly
Henry Ericson