Bikini Girls vs. Dinosaurs

2013, 60 minutes

Bikini Girls v Dinosaurs: The Movie, a sci-fi comedy coming in Autumn 2013

On the eve of their inauguration, 3 space fighter-pilot princesses are dispatched into a black hole by their 'wicked' step-mother so she can steal their crown with impunity. When passing through the black hole, the princesses inadvertently travel back 70 million years in time and are forced to fight ferocious dinosaurs while looking for plutonium to refuel their stranded spaceship. Will they survive the deadly onslaught of those prehistoric beasties? Will a conveniently placed block of cheese be of use? What colour bikini works best in zero gravity? Is this just all too bizarre and you now need a lie down? All will be revealed. Coming soon....

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Bikini Girls v Dinosaurs