The Furnished Room

2013, 14 minutes

A woman and her deserter soldier lover plan to run away together, but the dank guesthouse they have chosen to meet seems to impose it's own agenda.

Gretel Kleidermann meets lover Heinrich Dietz in an alleyway, where the war-beaten soldier proposes desertion and elopement. Gretel reluctantly agrees to meet him at a particular guesthouse in several week's time, however there is no record of Heinrich when she arrives. Gretel is stationed in an attic bedroom where she becomes certain Heinrich has already been. Filled with paranoia and impending grief, Gretel frantically searches the guesthouse, confronting the landlady Frau Aschenbach in the middle of the night. Enraged, Aschenbach remarks she is sure the man is dead, just like her son. Gretel becomes convinced that certain personal belongings left in the attic bedroom must have belonged to Hienrich, and that the aggression of the landlady tells the tale of a deserter having been reported to the authorities, and murdered. Gretel resolves to take her own life: hours before Hienrich arrives, and the personal items are confirmed to have belonged to Aschenbach's dead son, and not Heinrich. It is suggested throughout the film the room itself is cursed, tempting Gretel to her death.

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