2013, 15 minutes

Weatherman James Veck has never escaped the misreporting of a giant storm which left 30 people dead and him with a chronic fear of winds, which he must confront in order to avert a new disaster.

The largest storm in ten years is building, bringing with it the bad memories of James Veck's early-career misreporting of a storm which had claimed the lives of 30 people. On his way home, having been heckled on-air by his co-presenters, his anemophobia kicks in: the fear of winds, as personified by Annie. James is stuck with the taunts and teases of Annie for the next 24hrs, as the storm builds to a crescendo, and his girlfriend wonders why he won't answer the phone. James realises this storm has also been misreported- by his cover - and that to avert disaster once more, he must face his fear of winds and brave the terrifying weather. James seizes control of the live report, to tell the true extent of the danger. Annie is banished. James meets his girlfriend to make up over dinner.

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