Get Griffin Back

2013, 20 minutes

Following a group of misfits and their stressed out Boss in a less than functional Retail store.

In this episode we follow the stressful day in life of Griffin, an extremely hard working manager of a Retail store who is over his wits end dealing with his predominately lazy and highly incompetent staff employed in his department. Just when today couldn't possibly go more downhill he receives a last minute phone call informing him that an Inspector is due to arrive at the store within the hour to evaluate the workenviroment and most importantly the Workforce. The Panic striken Griffin knows that he will need a mere miracle-and-a-half to pull this off and sweep the idiotic antics of his numbwitted staff under the carpet for just that day. With the little amount of positive confidence that Griffin manages to muster up he is later on koncked off balance by a very unexpected freak-surprise which will not just rock his position but everyone else involved.

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