The Detective

2007, 14 minutes

A film noir detective story

This film noir tells the story of Vincent, a private detective who is trying to leave the business. After years of hard work, he has become disillusioned with his life and wants to move on. In his usual destructive manner, Vincent tries to salvage a doomed relationship. This on-off acquaintance with Nicola has no future. The two are only held together by passion, but she is sick of this shallow arrangement. An old flame Maria has been blackmailed and urgently needs his help. She and Vincent have had a troubled past, but she stills respects his professionalism. Her late father held him in high regard because of his stellar work so she enlists the detective's services. This is a tough case. With the help of his sidekick Ed, the investigation begins. Maria is applying a lot of pressure so Vincent must get results. Time is against him, but he can always rely on his cunning and instincts to stay ahead of the game.

Connected mandy members:

Darren Travers
Andrew Lothian

Alternative Names

Detective, the