Zone 261

2013, 100 minutes

A town in south of Sweden is isolated after an zombie outbreak.

ZONE 261 Hell breaks loose in the Swedish city of Landskrona when its inhabitants are infected by a virus that spreads like wildfire, turning ordinary people into monsters. In order to prevent the infection from spreading, the military quarantines the city and then fights to maintain some sort of control amidst all the chaos. A few non-infected — a group of Swedes and a group of immigrants — flee from imminent death and take shelter in an old fort; the Landskrona Citadel. While the monsters come closer and closer, old conflicts between the Swedes and the immigrants escalate to the boiling point inside the citadel. A few of them decide to make a desperate attempt in order to find out the truth – and to survive. Behind the outbreak lurks a well guarded dark secret, known only to a handful. Will they discover the secret and survive to make it known? They are chasing the truth whilst being haunted down by the monsters - facing sudden death, an unknown enemy as well as their inner foe. Now they are fighting for their lives, running out of options and running out of time! (By Sölvi Fannar)

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