The Secret Princess

2013, 90 minutes

Animated fantasy feature film set in Africa.

Two babies are exchanged at child birth, a boy born to a poor farmer and a girl born to the Kings third wife. The king already has 5 daughters and no son. He is in the dark about the baby switch. Following the mysterious disappearance of the farmer, the wife is accused of been a witch and to escape any consequences she runs away with the baby girl. Talking animals - A parrot that witness the baby switch in the Palace spreads the word in the jungle, and all the animals plan to help the girl and her mother who live alone in the jungle and often sad about their loneliness. Along the line the The Prince meets the girl, they fall in love. He fight a wrestling match to become the one who gets to marry her. In the last few scenes a lot of amazing twists are reveled about many characters including the princess, the prince, the farmer and her wife, the queen and the King and of course Mr Tortoise.

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