Totally Maisy

2013, 25 minutes

Modern day love story about hopeless sixth formers.

This brand new 25 minute teen drama pilot tells the story of awkward 15 year old Maisy’s life. She lives at home with her single mum who is much cooler than her and is going on way more dates. Now shes going into year 11 with her BFF’s Cassie and Gemma, and she has a whole new set of dramas to deal with. It’s their back to school disco at the end of the week and Maisy hasn’t got a date. It’s alright for Cas, who has boys falling at her feet begging to take her to the disco and Gemma with her long term boyfriend, but Maisy just has to find one. Luckily she has her boy best friend Rob to walk home with and tell him all about her problems. She can’t see how much Rob would love to take her to the disco and spys new sixth form hottie, Jack. The 3 girls obsess over Jack at school and one day they go to Cass’s to plan their outfits, when Jack walks in with Cass’s older brother Joe! Meanwhile whilst his is all going on Mums stared to date again, and Maisy can’t work out why her hot new history teacher is being so nice to her…

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Connor Kent
Connor Kent
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