The Ex-Exorcist

2013, 10 minutes

When an ex-exorcist gets an unexpected call from her ex she must make an exception, but will this expert exceed expectations?

Ellen has retired from being an exorcist and is currently retraining to be a plumber. One night while she is studying, the phone rings and it's Brad, her ex, who she hasn't seen for years. He's calling because his current girlfriend, Angela, is possessed. While Ellen has retired she decides to make an exception for an old boyfriend. She rushes over there, and after a brief catch-up, gets down to work but things are not as simple as they seem. It turns out that Angela has been chatting online for awhile with the demon that's possessing her. As the truth comes out, Angela breaks up with Brad as she feels closer to the demon. With the exorcism abandoned, Brad and Ellen leave to give the new couple some alone time. When Ellen asks how Brad feels he says that he is truthfully relieved as Angela was always very possessive. This film is in the style of a mockumentary like "People Like Us (1999-2001)" and "Twenty Twelve (2011-2012)" with narration though out. Angela's face while she is possessed will be pixelated fitting with the style of the genre. The absurdness of the concept will be contrasted by the mockumentary style.

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Ex-Exorcist, the