2013, 10 minutes

four characters and what they go through daily

This short-film is about the lives of these four characters and what they go through daily. Through the adversities and challenges each of these characters experience from an abusive home/ relationship, to the loss of a loved one; It shows the audience another side to the characters individually, and how it can be easy to judge someone before you know anything about them. Each of these main characters are young & in their twenties with so much more to experience in life; but the majority allow the problems they face or their past tribulations to affect their present life, which in turn will affect their future.This short-film also presents a positive & uplifting message as they each overcome the troubles they are having in their lives. They decide to rise above the pain they go through and so this film also illustrates courage, as well as not letting the bad situations in your life rule you; or pull you down into a darker place. A lot of these characters are influenced by what goes on in their life or something which has happened to them. Sometimes it takes letting go of something which has happened in your life; and other times we just have to endure the struggle. But at the end of the day these characters show that giving up is not an option.

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