The Old Hag Syndrome

2013, 90 minutes

Inspired by the real and terrifying phenomenon experienced by more than half of the world's population.

While pursing her dream of becoming a psychologist, a dream greatly influenced by the death of her sister while she was a child, Annette Chambers has begun her internship at the psychiatric hospital where her mother has been since her decline into madness. But when strange and unexplained things begin to happen, she struggles to find the truth beyond science and the supernatural. Annette soon learns that sometimes we are haunted by more than just our past. Now she must find a way to stop an ancient evil that dwells between nightmares and reality, before it destroys her... and everyone she has ever loved.

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Daniel Barker
Daniel Barker
Assistant Producer/Casting
Madelaine Isaac
Madelaine Isaac
Script Writer
Vorn Smith
Vorn Smith
Production Assistant

Alternative Names

Old Hag Syndrome, the