2013, 90 minutes

A British stock market trader loses his way as success and the perks of his job begin to take over.

Carter sits in an interview room: anxious, confused, and covered in blood. He's linked to four deaths but he struggles to remember recent events. He's a London stock trader, he's married, and he's got a son, after that everything is hazy. To regain his memory, Carter starts telling his tale from his university days at Oxford, how he met his wife, and his first days on the stock market. The story soon shows us how he rapidly becomes the star-performer at his investment banking company and his ambition soon overtakes the importance of his family commitments. Greed and ambition seduces Carter and he unknowingly mixes with gangsters as he delves into the illegal world of inside trading. Between the emotional events of his wife leaving with his child and the jarring perspective 9/11 put on most peoples' lives, Carter just can't take anymore. He gives himself up and comes clean on his illegal activities. Needless to say, his inside client is none too happy about this and goes for revenge, hitting Carter where it will hurt him mose: his family. Now redemption is all Carter is looking for and only man will decide if he deserves it.

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Edward Rastelli-Lewis
Pre-Production Consultant
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Daniel Barker
Assistant Producer/Casting