The hit

2013, 60 minutes

crime lord

CEO, entrepeurneur and suspected crime boss, Charles Scott, has placed a tender for a multi-million pound contract with the local council with high hopes. Unfortunately, the new Mayor, Thomas Gardner, is aware of Charles’ crime boss activities. The mayor vows to stop Scott getting any contracts and wants him out of business by siding with Scott’s business rival Arthur Farnsworth. Hearing this, Charles decides to assassinate the mayor in a way he is not implicated. With the aid of his trusted right-hand men, Wilson and Burt, Charles finds the perfect patsy on his payroll, Brian Gibson, who is then kidnapped and held in a safe house until the day of assassination. Will Charles succeed in his quest or will the mayor succeed in ridding the city of Charles Scott and his criminal activities?

Connected mandy members:

Roger Bowmer
Roger Bowmer
Arthur Farnsworth

Alternative Names

hit, the