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2013, 10 minutes

Everybody dies but what happens next?

In the office of Limbo’s human reincarnation agency, an unsuspecting and unappreciated head of department takes the day off. His strike triggers calamitous effects for the office and life on earth. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around and sure enough if you were mean, callous, cruel or a straight-forward criminal, once you reach the end of your human life, you are reincarnated into an animal, allocated into different species in accordance to how you lived your life. The same applies to the good and charitable who may come back as high flying birds, large mammals or reptiles ruling land and sea. Set in the offices of the reincarnation agency in Limbo, which is responsible for maintaining the eco-balance of life on Earth, this comedy short revolves around the five leading heads of departments as they deal with the day-to-day dramas surrounding the cycle of life and death. As head of the insect division, Kev has to deal with the real worms and cold-hearted cretins of the world. By this point in limbo they have fortunately met their untimely death. Pissed off and meaner than before, they spout their bile, bitterness and insults at the final person they meet, Kev, who checks their paperwork and allocates them into the according species. The Heads of Departments and other employees each represent different species but in human form. Therefore, animal based physical performances and clever costume will contribute largely in imitating this.

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