The Offering

2013, 55 minutes

Dark arts affecting the world of Finance and Banking

Entity of the underworld taking over the world of Banking and Finance

Connected mandy members:

Marcus Massey
Victor Gorgo (Balkan gangster banker)
Martin Reynolds
FSA Regulator
Jenia Greenwood
Lead actress Sylvia Payne
Stephen McLeod
Mira Nikolova
Claire Richards
Courtney Andrews
Courtney Andrews
Camera Assistant
Camera Operator
Jenna Goodwin
Lucien Morgan
Gino Grimaldi
Alexander Kiffin
Michelle Coverley
Isabel (Featured)
Michael Aston
Col James Grant MI5
Philip Goodier
Philip Goodier
Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Follow Focus, Runner, general assistant
Anita Carroll
Anita Carroll
Make-up Artist
Make-up Artist

Alternative Names

Offering, the