Soteria / Disturbed

2013, 102 minutes

Zack wants the truth

Disturbed is a movie that horrifies you by its mystery and tension. After a car accident Zach Valavan (Nakkeeran Parry) wakes up from coma and returns home to his loving wife Olivia (Olivia Smith). Zach soon gets trapped into this mysterious world where supernatural things start happening around him. This is where the real horror begins. The uncanny feeling Zach experiences is something more than just a human fear of something unknown. The protagonist is facing a physical and psychological entrapment which is caused by anxiety and fear of non-being. What is the non-being? Is it just his imagination? Will Zach be able to escape from this entrapment? The answers will be revealed on 28th of April, 2014.

Connected mandy members:

Tina Barnes
Tina Barnes
Script Writer
Production Assistant
Mirabel Stuart
Kathryn Carmichael
Nurse Julie Hobbs

Alternative Names

Disturbed, Soteria (English, Tamil), Soteria (Disturbed), Disturbed (Soteria)