Those Who Trespass Against Us

Those Who Trespass Against Us

2009, 130 minutes

A drama documentary into the death of Victoria Climbie.

A dramatic reconstruction of some of the witness testimony from the public inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie, including evidence from three of the four boroughs involved in her case, doctors from both the hospitals that treated her, members of the Police child protection team and others who had a direct effect of the handling of her case and its aftermath.

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Jonathan Hansler
Neil Garnham QC (Lead)
Janine Robins
Ms Hoyal
Kim Wright
Kim Wright
'Social Worker A'- undisclosed name
Rick Alancroft
Mr Mason (Solicitor)
Chanelle Wilshire
Social worker
Jennifer Chislett
Jennifer Chislett
Sound Recordist
Sound Recordist
Patrick Thornton

Alternative Names

Those Who Trespass Aginist Us