Last Rites

2013, 3 minutes

A widow grieves over the death of her violent husband but only to realise moments later that there has never been anything to grieve about.

Daisy grieves over the death of her husband by the coffin, but Lily, her best friend is reminding her what a horrible spouse he was. Daisy blames herself for who her husband was but Lily is trying to console her friend that it's not her fault. The ladies were then caught off guard and screams in terror as James, Daisy's supposed-to-be-dead husband rises from the coffin. As James was about to speak, Daisy hits him with a potted plant and he flings back into the coffin. Daisy, with all her rage and anger that she boxed up, stabs her husband to death with his very own knife that he was to be buried with as he was a chef and his last request was to be buried with his favourite knife. The film ends with the two ladies closing the coffin.

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Charles McGuire
Darrie Gardner
Jenny Delisle
Daisy (widowed abused wife)