The Sins of Our Fathers

2014, 30 minutes

A short dark fairy tale set in the 18th century.

A short film fable set in the 18th century about a father and a son who are transporting the coffin of their dead grandfather to the family burial site. When we first encounter Werner, the father, and Isaac, his son, they have already travelled for miles in a rowboat and have reached the shore freezing and exhausted. A farmer takes them in, and kindly offers them a cart to aid them on their journey. All he asks in return is for them is to bring a crate of supplies to his sister, who has fallen ill at another farm. The father, however, refuses to help the farmer stating that they have to stay on the path that is set out for them, and that helping others could jeopardise their own goal. The farmer agrees to sell the cart, but the father and the son leave on bad terms. This pivotal event is the beginning of a dark and twisted fairytale where the father and the son encounter three different groups of people who all need their help to survive. But because of the father’s refusal to stray from his goal, their bad choices eventually catch up with them.

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