Noirish Project

2013, 73 minutes

Bleak, melancholy, absurd, neorealist feature film masquerading as film noir. A couple of low-lifes try to make some quick cash but end up just waiting around.

A Neorealist Feature Film Masquerading As Film Noir Noirish Project is a melancholy and gently absurd feature film about Billy, who steals his family’s precious pearls and hands them over to low-life Jimmy, who in turn takes them to a fence. But when the pearls turn out to be fake, Jimmy barely escapes from the fence with his life, let alone the pearls. Billy and Jimmy endevour to get the pearls back before Billy’s family finds out they’re gone, but when the fence goes missing, they realise their story has only just begun. Shot in black and white, Noirish Project will have an elliptical rhythm, truthful-poetic acting, and feature losses of focus on the central narrative thrust, giving the film a flat, minimal quality, rooting it firmly in the art house.

Connected mandy members:

Liane-Rose Bunce
Miss Haverfordwest
James Devereaux