2014, 13 minutes

How Commercial Materialism can swiftly manipulate our views of happiness, success and contentment

In this story we Follow Teo in two very important stages of his life. At first we see him during his early carefree days as a happy young boy Growing up during very humble surroundings in a tropical coastal village in Venezuela. One day his idyllic and peaceful surroundings changes with the arrival of their first television to the house. From there on the world around him which so innocently was his playground, slowly gets more boxed up as both his internal and external views begins getting more contrived. Fast forward to nearly 20 years later; Teo now lives in London with a seemingly very successful life. A very well paid, coveted job and an impressive flat. On the outside, people who can trace his journey to get where he now is at, can with great confidence say that he is very accomplished and content, including Teo himself. But underneath this polished veneer lies a lot of sacrifice, loneliness and possibly even a great loss of freeness that will possibly never be able to get retrieved.

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