2014, 2 minutes

Driving lesson with a twist

Learner is a film about a teenage boy who is about to be a getaway driver for the first time. He has never passed his driving test but has had a couple of lessons; he takes the new job very seriously and decides to read up on the Highway Code to prevent the getaway from being noticed by the police. Being a very nervous teenager the audience are made to believe that the teenager is about to take his driving test, with the classic signs of last minute revision and nervousness while getting ready. The learner then enters the car which is parked in a playing fields car park, a short distance away from the robber's target. After waiting and preparing himself three robbers in balaclavas enter the vehicle. The Learner the proceeds to check the vehicle before setting off, which annoys the three robbers, as he pulls away the car stalls a number of times and bunny hops out of the car park only to be met by the police. The audience can then make one of two assumptions about the ending, either he was learning to be a getaway drive or that the learner was about to take his real test when three robbers mistook his car for the actual getaway vehicle.

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