The Exhibition

2009, 90 minutes

An artists strugle to regain his life and talent after an accident.

Peter wakes abruptly from the same terrifying dream of him trapped in an overturned car. He lethargically drags himself through his days trying to recover his lost talent and previous life style. Tussling with his painting never being able to finish or match his previous grandeur, Peter work tirelessly but is still tormented by the disturbing dreams in the night. His lifestyle then comes under threat, as the curators for his own exhibition push for him to finish his final piece the day before his exhibition opens, but to no avail. Exasperated and with little else to turn to, he is given a ray of hope, a phone call informs him of an arranged meeting with a woman. This woman may hold the key to him finding his way out of the hole his life has become, but why is she so important? He faces the woman who caused the car accident and almost killed him for the first time after the event. His last hope is his own nightmare.

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