The Last Patient

2014, 10 minutes

Doctor Samuel Murphy finds himself in the unusual position of a conducting therapy on his dead ex-wife Lucy.

At the end of a usual working day, Doctor Samuel Murphy has a female patient who comes for help after hours. The woman is revealed to his estranged wife Lucy, who instantly asks for Sam to apologise for past actions. It turns outs however that the argument is a lot more complicated and heart-breaking then it seems as it’s revealed Lucy isn’t Sam's ex-wife through divorce but through death. Sam is grieving at it’s worse. ‘The Last Patient’ is a film that tells the story of grief and how getting closure on a loved one is a process that is forever ongoing and continually heartbreaking. The narrative of a therapist trying to get closure by talking to his deceased wife in therapy is why will people gain interest, The revelation is a highly emotional moment which will explain to the audience Sam’s feelings throughout and make it instantly relatable to them. This film is for everyone. The character’s loss is universal yet regrettably relatable. Everyone has suffered the loss of a loved one, the loss of that very person they couldn’t possibly imagine a life without.

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