The Element

2014, 6 minutes

A girl caught in a battle between her power and the past

The Element is set in the modern day countryside in England, Jessa is an average girl, living a normal teenage life. She goes to school every day, spending most of her free time at the lake with her best friend Katie and comes home every night to her Father who is still mourning her Mothers death and decides to seclude himself from the world, watch television, drink beer and smoke in the same spot on the sofa every night. However, Jessa has a special power passed on through her Mother, she is able to control everything around her and create her own world. When her Mother died whilst trying to use her powers to save a family that are in a house on fire, Jessa promised to herself she would never use her powers to help others again as she felt she couldn't take that risk and put her Father through it again. Until one night, Jessas Father falls asleep on the sofa with a lit cigarette and drops it onto the floor, setting the house on fire. Jessa comes home from the lake and sees the house is on fire with her Father inside, she has to make the decision whether to use her powers to battle the fire and save him by putting herself in the same situation that her Mother put herself in.

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