Charlie & Me

Charlie & Me

2014, 90 minutes

Charlie is incidental, non judgemental yet brutally honest, she is a cause with a vicious effect. Choose a life or choose Charlie?

When Alfie and Charlie first fell in love they both thought they had found all they ever needed in life. Despite hardships and indiscretions the pair sustained a seductive lifestyle, filled with excitement and glamour, their intoxicating romance would soon become an uncontrollable inferno as Alfie had second thoughts. Alfie must make the difficult decision to rescue himself from Charlie in hope that his separation will empower him and break free of the addiction that binds him. Set against the backdrop of a cocaine addiction Charlie and Me tells the story of Alfie Bishop a late twenty something seduced by the glamour of cocaine. The story forces us to reflect upon our own vices, what ever they may be, and ask ourselves what we are trying to avoid by indulging in them

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    Dimension: 640 x 360
    Running time: 555 seconds

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