2014, 15 minutes

A heartwarming story about the innocence of childhood and a fear of the unknown. Starring Jason Flemyng.

Released from the boot of a clapped out motor, 7 year old Karla takes her first hesitant steps on new, unchartered terrain. She investigates the seaweed and shingle beneath her feet, all the while wrestling with the fears humming away in a corner of her mind. Enter her imaginary friend, Albert, who mistrusts the motives of the two shadowy figures that brought her here. And who can blame him? She is, after all, by herself on a deserted beach in the middle of nowhere, the dark sea stretching before her to the edge of the world. All matter of fact, he asks, “Why did they abduct you?” During the games they play, banter exchanged, a battle of wills ensues between the two. Will Karla give in to Albert and her fears or will she ignore her trusted friend and embrace a new world, one offered to her by the two strangers who await her return? No contest. After a lung bursting chase where Karla appears to be running away, she finds herself back in the hands and under the beady gaze of the adults that brought her here. All is resolved, however, when we learn that the incident of Karla emerging from the boot was innocent in nature. A simple case of child’s play. The grown-ups are neither shadowy figures nor strangers but simply Fiona and Robbie, her new parents. You see - they didn’t abduct her, they adopted her. And what about wee Albert? Well that’s best left to children like Karla and the power of their imagination…

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