World in a Room

2014, 8 minutes

Toys as Propaganda Objects

Toys had always been used as message spreaders. By re-branding violence into the name of action, toys such as GI Joe instill a culture of military victory into the innocent universe of the child. The project takes on the ideas of the nationalistic toy to re-frame the political situation of the East China Sea. At the heart of the dispute are eight uninhabited islands and rocks called the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. The project looks at this enduring territorial dispute from through the eyes of the Chinese propaganda machine. A series of fantastical friendly monsters designed from warships, jet planes, and military machinery play out propagandized political history, news, and events describing the claiming of these islands. The innocent child's bedroom is transformed into a stage for the toys, collapsing the complexities of the territorial dispute into the scale of the bedroom.

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World in a Room (Chinese, Mandarin)