The Long Way

2013, 7 minutes

7 Episode Web Sitcom

The Long Way is a comedy webseries that consists of 7 episodes. The show tells the adventures of 3 guys; Matt (Paul Rich) is fresh out of university and keen to leave his young ways behind him, coming on the journey only to appease a friend, despite just wanting to stay at home with his new girlfriend. Jamie (Jamie Coleman), is one of Matt’s best friends, at least he used to be. Time apart has shown the differences between them. Jamie is an opinionated drop out with very low morals. Daniel (Anton Tweedale), is a medicated social recluse who needs rules to follow. Not one for partying, he joins the two strangers in hope of making friends. Together the three of them embark on a journey from London to Edinburgh, where a stag week awaits them. However the guys find that making it to Edinburgh is harder than they thought, and with the help of Jamie’s untrustworthy car, it’s harder than it should be.

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