Lost in Space

2014, 80 minutes

A black comedy about a young guy whose world is slipping out of control as he loses touch with reality through drugs.

Nathan - unemployed but in a band is heavily into drugs and his paranoia is exacerbated by them. He has a guitar that belonged to his father and which he thinks is genuinely signed by Django Reinhardt. As his world disintergrates he has various encounters of a richly black-humoured nature - what is real and what is imagined.......? In this state he acquires a gun - having he witnesses what he thinks is a murder, through a pub window. This so frightens him that he leaves his guitar behind in his rush to get away. When he returns to collect the guitar it is to find that this is a film set. But he puts down his gun on the props table and the director angrily demonstrating how he wants the scene played, picks it up, and firing it, kills Nathan.....it would seem..............

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