Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes

2014, 110 minutes

an upcoming American-British crime drama mystery film directed by Bill Condon, based on the 2005 novel A Slight Trick of the Mind written by Mitch Cullin.

The film is set in 1947, and follows the long-retired Sherlock Holmes, now aged 93, where he lives in a remote Sussex farmhouse along with his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro and her young son, Roger. We follow Holmes as he reflects and recollects on his life through writing in his journals, whilst tending to his bees as well as dealing with the deterioration of his once incredible mind. The film, like the novel, features flashbacks and goes between time periods. We see him aged 49 still at the height of his fame and mental ability at his Baker Street consulting rooms, aged 93 in his Sussex home as well as vacations to Japan.

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