The Mouse Trap

2014, 20 minutes

How much would you sacrifice to destroy the guilt of your past?

‘The Mouse Trap’ is a short movie about how ingenuity and courage can help a kid to overcome any kind of situation. The bouncy balls wait everyday in his drawer. He likes playing with them, they provide an escape from the desolate loneliness so prevalent in his home. So too do his books, especially his favourite 'The Little Prince'. He doesn’t want to become part of a sick world, where choices are confused with impositions, where people blame everyone but themselves. His mother always told him to be a good boy, and so he is. 12-year-old Aaron carries on with temperance, oblivious to the poisoning presence of his apathetic father, whose only goal each day is to get drunker than the last. However, even Aaron carries a burden that oppresses him but his life will change very soon…

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