2014, 17 minutes

An agoraphobic web Cam girl is forced to face her feeling for her post woman

Hannah is in her late 20's and has been out of prison for 5 years. She lives alone and suffers from PTSD brought on by a vicious sexual assault by her Cell mate. The image of her attacker haunts her continuously, creating an oppressive atmosphere that helps to maintain her lonely exsistance. She also suffers from agoraphobia hence why she became a web cam girl. So she wouldn't have to leave the house. Over the years she has fallen in love with her post woman and it is a mutual feeling but both suffer from confidence issues (the postwoman is deaf) so have never said a word to one another about their feelings but it is painfully obvious. When Hannah gets a phone call from an old friend from prison explaining that her attacker has been released from prison. hannah spirals out of control and does anything necessary to suppress her thoughts and feeling about the past. The fracture in her and the postwoman's routine, when hannah doesn't open the door during a delivery. Causes concern in the postwoman who turns up after hours to check up on our protagonist. That is when the true effects of Hannah's experience in prison take president.

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