2014, 16 minutes

Ellen tries to teach her dismissive husband a lesson in life and after life.

Ellen, a determined 65 year-old woman is desperate to teach her dismissive husband, Howard, a lesson. On the day she plans to reveal her coup d’état (a younger and handsomer lover), in a haunted house. Just as she begins to speak, however, a real ghost suddenly appears and Ellen promptly drops dead from shock. The next thing she knows, Ellen is standing over her own body, a silent and invisible ghost. With the usual means of communication denied to her, Ellen has to find an alternative means to deliver her message to Howard. She enlists the aid of her accidental murderer, the 19 year-old Jessie – a young ghost with a particular relish for haunting. Despite her best efforts, however, Howard still manages to ignore her every attempt to communicate until, at last, Ellen decides to haunt her own funeral!

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Tony Goodall
Tony Goodall
Howard (lead)
Harriette Davis
Harriette Davis
Camera Trainee
1st AC & Focus Puller