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Joe Meekums
Joe Meekums
Sound Designer

Hi all

Long time lurker here, but I have decided to ask you all to put our massive collective experience to some use and have created a survey:

In many ways this is an old subject - long gone are the days of mid-sized studios, etc, blah blah... but I still think it's useful to update the wider impression of what audio work is being done, who is doing it and how much for.

A couple points to note:

I'd like to make this relevant to everyone's interests, so if there are any suggestions for additional questions, please fire away.

I will also be rolling this out to related industry forums, including the two main industries that are referenced in the questions: music & post production. Again any obvious ones I have missed, please let me know (games for example - except I don't know / am not a part of any online communities).

Thoughts welcome.

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