What am I doing wrong?
Only One audition from CCP.
Show Reel - Yes
Headshot - Yes
Agent - Yes

I don't really write much of a covering letter as the profile page, gives all the info. Or is this were I am going wrong. Any advice honest feed back appreciated. Thank you for taking the time


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  • Sue Parker-Nutley
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Hi, Neil.
I have tried to watch your show reel, but it appears to be "broken" - maybe this is why you're not getting any auditions! The "Prey for Me" clip - I was unsure which character you were, and if I was, CDs will be. It's a good idea to start a reel with a clip with someone of the opposite gender, then CDs have no doubt which one you are!
Your credits aren't too shabby, but you've obviously not be extremely busy over the last 2 or 3 years.
Definitely sort out the show reel glitch, though.
All the best.

  • Carmen Rain Lykoo
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Hey Neil

I understand the frustration, as i too do not get as any castings as i would like.

Arguably the most important tool is the headshot: Your current main headshot is in black and white, and apparently the current consensus is that it is better to have your main headshot in colour. So maybe you would like to try this change to see if it makes a difference?

Good luck :)

  • Hannah Jane Yeoman
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Hey :)
I would say to definitely write a good cover letter highlighting what you can bring specifically to that production. You need to show that a) you are perfect and b) you have read the brief and aren't just cutting and pasting the same letter you send to everyone. You need to show you are interested basically, but keep it snappy and to the point, else they may not bother reading it all.
Good luck :)

Hi all,
Thanks for the advice. How do you sort out a broken video problem with the showreels? I think mine might have that issue, although on other sites/platforms, they are not broken. Is this because there is a glitch in the mandy.com website?
Any help on this matter would be appreciated. I too do not get much work from mandy.com, I have been a premium member for a year, and had 2 paid jobs. Only recently have I started getting more views of my profile and applications.

My videos won't play on my PC and show as 'broken or format not supported' - but I've checked with other people (including my Agent) and they play for them - so I think it is because CCP/Mandy have upgraded their systems to something my old PC is too old to keep up with!

I also have this problem if I use the 'Internet' app on my Android phone - but everything is fine if I use Chrome as the browser. In that Sue also cannot view your showreel - you might have a problem. Double check with other people to see if they also cannot view it and if not see if CCP/Mandy can rectify it.

Good luck!


  • Andrew Wright
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Neil, on my old laptop using linux and new pc using win10 all your files run well and so does mine, so unless CCP have fix this problem since you first posted this I would maybe delete and upload again

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Have you all signed up to Curtain Call? It's completely free and what makes it different to all the other casting sites is you can actually show who you've worked WITH rather than just FOR. I've also beta tested their new jobs platform and the jobs they have are AMAZING. Jobs set by industry recognised Casting Directors etc so more like Spotlight but FREE and public facing. It's also a really cool site. Casting Director Kate Plantin CDG has already called it 'the resource the industry has needed for year.' Seriously, check it out. It's free so nothing to lose! www.curtaincallonline.com

Curtain Call seems to be theatre only?

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