Eyelines in auditions

Hey CCP'ers,

This might seem a little bit of an odd things to talk about, but I was wondering what other people do in terms of eyelines when they are auditioning, particularly at MT auditions.

I tend to avoid looking at the panel and play as if the audience is above them or to the side - to try and not make anyone feel uncomfortable etc.


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Yes I've heard this - people who have been on the other side of the panel say it's awkward to be looked at. I've also heard them say that they don't mind people asking which they want them to do.
Unless of course the role calls for it - ie pantomime or a particular style of monologue. I'd say just above them, not too much to the side. And cover the width of the wall as you would the width of the auditiorium.
Of course if there's a camera filming you in the audition then favour that side a little more so that they actually see your face if they watch it back.
Good luck :)

Thanks Hannah - really appreciate someone else's view on this one! x

Ask them. "Do you mind if i direct my song toward you or make eye contact?" Often they will say "sure" but some would rather you didn't. In which case just up and behind them is fine.

It's okay to ask it as it shows you want them to be comfortable working with you and watching you. They may be trying to write notes/read cv/ watch you sing when they cannot if you lock eyes. Or, they may be trying to see that connection and can't if you avoid looking at them.

Be human. Be comfy and be you. :-)

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