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I'm not having much luck getting work on here and I wanted to know whether anyone would mind having a look at my Showreel and giving me some feedback.

I would be extremely grateful,



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Shaka Agina
Shaka Agina

Hi Tim,

So I took a look at your reel and have a few suggestions for you.

My first point would be to re-embed the video again from Vimeo and allow the user to go full screen + the option to scrub through. Its not necessary but would definitely be a good shout!

2. The music in my opinion was a bit on the loud side, had to turn down the volume a bit.

3. The fashion shots at the beginning were great but the repeated cut to logo was unnecessary. I understand it's a big selling point (Victoria Beckham!) but I think a culmination of all the shots and then logo would be more effective. Other than that the shots were great.

That's it really - I just wanted to say I love the light in that first shot with the silver-ish jacket! Was that natural light?

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