Searching for young female pieces for MA drama school auditions

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Hi fellow actors!

I hope you're all spiffing and thriving. I know there's been a lot of posts like this and I've already gone through them using the search bar (have taken lots from it) but I wanted to post my own thread as well as it doesn't cover everything I'm after. I hope you don't mind!

I'm going to be applying to several dramas schools this year to do an MA in acting or screen acting (depending on the institution). I auditioned for three schools last year and wasn't successful, but I felt like that had a whole lot to do with the pieces I chose (as well as nerves). I applied late and auditioned in June & July so it was all last minute and my decisions were a bit rushed. Now that I have time to do it properly this year, I want to get the pieces that are right for me and that show enough range.

Last year, I did these pieces:
Audition 1: Rolly from 'Pests' (I was way too ambitious choosing a character so far from myself)
Audition 2: Nicky from 'Shakers' and Juliet from 'Romeo & Juliet' (balcony) (I played it way too safe!)
Audition 3: Alice ('Closer') in the breakup scene, and Harry ('When Harry Met Sally') in the 'dark side' scene (both duologues, second one had no range)

This year I'm looking for the following:
1) Female monologue from a play (2 mins)
2) Female monologue from TV/film (2-3 mins)
3) Female classical monologue (2 mins)
4) Female duologue from either play/TV/film (2 mins)

I've found several brilliant duologues, so it's mainly the monologues I'm after.

I've got a list of plays I'm going to purchase in the near future, but can only afford so many so want to make sure I buy the right ones by doing as much research as I can.

Thanks so much in advance, and apologies for sending another one of 'these posts'..

Emmeline x

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