Can you recommend a voicereel company?

Samantha Cobar


I'm looking to record a voicereel! Theres so many companies online, I wouldn't know what's good and what's not and I want good value for my money!

Can anyone recommend a company they have recorded with and send some links?

Thank you!! :)
Sammy Cobar

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Kimberley Sterling

Hi Sammy,

We would be more than happy to provide you a a professional voice recording at a decent price ? I am a video editor who works closely with an audio producer to produce independent content for people. What were you aiming to record ? Monologue, Singing, Dialogue i.e accents / language variety / poetry ect.

Please do let me know, we would be happy to provide you a good deal once we have an idea of what you want exactly.


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Oz Direncay
Oz Direncay

Hi Sammy, there is a Service Directory under the Resources tab on this website that allows you to search for voicereel companies by number of previous clients and/or location.



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Julian Augusto
Julian Augusto
Executive Producer

Auworld Productions offer high quality showreels starting at just £299 plus VAT, but that's including up to three scenes. They also offer an edit only service at £50 if you have existing footage of at least three scenes, and want it professionally edited together. Auworld will also offer Mandy members a 10% discount.

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James Sutherland

I couldn’t recommend Kirsty Gillmore at Sounds Wilde highly enough. I’ve just had 2 reels recorded there - Gaming and Children’s Animation. She also does reels for Radio.

There are many companies that will do voice reels for you, and will produce it to a very good standard. However, those voice producers that will work with you at the recording aren’t always the most skilled at actually giving direction. And Kirsty is such a good director. She knows her stuff, is a voice artist herself and has been working in the industry a very long time.

Julian, I suspect you may be talking about acting showreels.

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Sean Ruttledge

DO NOT invest money in Voice Reels before you've been trained and coached in VO
Showreel isn't step 1, it is step 3 at the very least
So many actors waste hundreds of pounds on irrelevant cookie cutter voice reels that get them nowhere

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